Marian Vestment HV072ECRU


This Marian Vestment, with a complimentary stole, combines an 80/20 polyester-wool blend, classic 130 cm length, and symbolic embroidery for ceremonial distinction.

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Vestment with Marian Symbol: A Testament to Sacred Tradition

Embrace the essence of devotion with our Elegant Vestment featuring the revered Marian Symbol. This garment stands as a symbol of unwavering faith, merging the spiritual with the aesthetic in a seamless celebration of Marian devotion.

Divine Craftsmanship: Impeccable Marian Vestment, heavenly embroidered, ecclesiastical artistry.

Imbued with spiritual significance, our Marian Vestment transcends traditional ecclesiastical attire. Fashioned from the finest smooth fabric, it features the Marian symbol, meticulously embroidered to narrate a visual saga of faith and grace.

Regal Embellishments: Vestment with Marian Symbol – a sublime blend of sacred detail and royal dignity.

Each vestment is meticulously adorned with gold, blue, and white embroidery, signifying purity, divinity, and the Virgin Mary’s royal lineage. The inclusion of a gold-satin trim further accentuates its stately elegance.

Customized Fittings: Honoring Individuality

With the option for a turtleneck collar finish, and a diamond version available upon special request, this vestment honors the unique needs and preferences of the clergy. It represents a blend of comfort, personalization, and solemnity.

Complete with an Inner Stole: The Essence of Liturgical Attire

Understanding the importance of tradition, this Marian vestment comes with a complementary inner stole, ensuring that it stands ready for the holiest of services. Its standard 130 cm length makes it a versatile choice for clergy of all statures.

In summary, this Vestment with the Marian symbol is not just a garment; it’s a wearable icon that embodies the sanctity and history of Marian worship. It is an investment in quality, tradition, and the beauty of liturgical expression.

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