Chasuble with Marian symbol HV061ECRU


Elegant Marian Chasuble with included inner stole, crafted from durable 100% PE fabric, 135 cm length, embodying ceremonial reverence and quality.

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Chasuble with Marian Symbol – Sacred Vestments in Ecru, Blue, and White

Step into the solemnity of worship with our Chasuble with Marian Symbol, meticulously crafted from high-quality smooth fabric for a truly divine service. Every detail of this chasuble reflects deep respect and honor for Marian traditions.

Elegant Turtleneck Collar and Diamond Option

Our Marian Liturgical Chasuble features a graceful turtleneck collar, providing a modern touch to this time-honored garment. For those seeking exclusivity, a diamond version is available on special order, adding a unique sparkle to your liturgical collection.

Radiant Embroidery and Luxurious Gold-Satin Trim

The chasuble boasts exquisite embroidery work in a harmonious .Blend of gold, blue, and white, symbolizing purity, divinity, and the Heavenly Queen herself. The garment is impeccably edged with gold-satin trim, enhancing its majestic appearance.

Versatile Color Options and Inclusive Sizing

Acknowledging the diverse needs of our clientele, this chasuble is available not only in the standard Marian blue but also in solemn white and vibrant blue. With a generous robe length of 135 cm and made from 100% PE fabric, it ensures both comfort and durability for celebrants of all sizes.

Complementary Inner Stole Included

Adding to the chasuble’s beauty and function is a matching inner stole included to complete the vestment set. This stole serves as a symbol of the yoke of Christ, carrying the same elegant design as the chasuble for a cohesive ceremonial look.

Embrace the blend of tradition and elegance with our Marian Chasuble, a garment made with devotion, for devotion. Made in Poland, it’s a wearable testament to your faith and commitment to the liturgical service.

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