Marian Chasuble AP205


Elegantly designed monastic chasuble with a distinctive woven belt, tailored for a total length of 130 cm and a width of 65 cm. Comes with a matching inner stole, crafted from resilient synthetic fabric for lasting wear.

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Luxurious Marian Chasuble with Rich Embroidery

Embrace the pinnacle of devotion and craftsmanship with our Marian Liturgical Chasuble, woven from the finest fabric sourced from Italy. This fine garment, serving not only as a piece of wearable art, is also a heartfelt testament to the enduring beauty embedded within Marian tradition.

Premium Quality Italian Fabric

Embrace elegance with our high-quality Marian Embroidered Liturgical Chasuble, crafted from smooth fabric for comfort and longevity. This garment is designed to be a lasting symbol of faith and devotion.

Exquisite Embroidered Detailing

Adorned with a meticulously embroidered belt, encrusted with luminous pearls and stones, our chasuble celebrates the Marian symbol with splendor and grace. The elaborate embroidery elevates the garment, making it an ideal choice for sacred ceremonies.

Elegant Turtleneck Collar and Inner Stole

Our Marian Liturgical Chasuble boasts a refined turtleneck collar, blending a modern aesthetic with timeless tradition. This refined vestment is accompanied by a complementary inner stole, adding to the solemnity and elegance of the ceremonial garb.

Standardized Robe Length for Universal Appeal

With a standardized robe length of 125 cm. (measured from the back of the neck total lenght 130cm), our Embroidered Marian Liturgical Chasuble is crafted to suit a wide range of wearers, making it a versatile addition to any ecclesiastical wardrobe.

  • Width: 65 cm. (arm length)
  • Material: synthetic fabric, woven belt
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Each Marian Chasuble is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every detail is of the highest quality.
  • Cutting: monastic with inner stole


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