Embroidered Red Chasuble AU3116


This regal red chasuble, crafted from decorative light synthetic fabric, features an embroidered velvet application and a velvet collar. Measuring 130 cm in length and 65 cm in arm width, its gothic cut includes an inner stole, all exquisitely finished with gold trim for a touch of grandeur.

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Embroidered Red Chasuble

Discover the epitome of liturgical elegance with our Embroidered Red Chasuble. Crafted for durability and beauty, this vestment is a perfect choice for celebrating the sacred traditions of the church. Made from premium-quality materials, our red chasuble features intricate embroidery that exemplifies devotion and reverence.

Elegant Red Vestment: Resilient Embroidery for Pentecost and Holy Ceremonies

Each chasuble is designed with attention to detail, ensuring that the embroidery is both beautiful and resilient. The vibrant red fabric symbolizes the passion and love of the Christian faith, making it ideal for Pentecost, Good Friday, and other holy ceremonies.

Embroidered Red Chasuble: Unmatched Comfort and Fit for Clergy

Our red chasuble is not only stunning but also comfortable. The lightweight fabric allows for ease of movement, while the generous cut ensures a fit that is suitable for clergy of all sizes. Experience a perfect blend of tradition and comfort with this exceptional liturgical garment.

Exceptional Embroidery Details

The exquisite embroidery on our red chasubles is inspired by traditional ecclesiastical designs. Each piece is adorned with symbols that hold significant meaning in the Christian tradition, adding a layer of depth and solemnity to your worship services.

Ready for Your Parish

Whether for daily services or special occasions, our Embroidered Red Chasuble is ready to enhance the beauty of your parish’s liturgical celebrations. Embrace the richness of tradition with a garment that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

Advantages of this Liturgical garment:

  • Cutting: Gothic with inner stole.
  • Robe length 130 cm 
  • Material: Light synthetic fabric, velvet.


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